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2013 Undergraduate American universities rankings
for international students

AUAP  releases its annual rankings of US universities (for the undergraduate level) for international students. This year AUAP has students accepted at: Columbia. Cornell, NYU, Duke, U. of Pennsylvania, American University, Wake Forest, Bentley, etc. If you are interested in  our Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ( $2500), Please contact us

Those institutions are increasingly popular as 586,323   foreign  (non- resident)  students (+ 0.6%)  were registered in American universities in  02/03, 47.6 % of them were undergraduate.

This Undergraduate classification is the only one specifically aimed at foreign students. Its criteria are:

1) Selectivity
2) Quality of education
3) Mean test scores
4) World image (evaluated by the 15 AUAP panels of recruiting experts)

What's new ? Harvard sank, Columbia gets #1 spot.

This year saw the demise of Harvard  as its program, which should be changed soon, is looked by the recruiters as "antiquated, not open to the International world and very self centered, cut from the realities" .

American Universities are more and more popular every year, therefore the selection is tougher every year. The 3 criteria are:  Grades, Test Scores (we will coach you), and your personality "

Other entries or notable facts: The "non Ivy League" institutions are really charging high with 5 out of the top 10. (We put green * for the Ivy league members). Foreign students and recruiters are aware of the diversity of the US universities and more than 60 universities (a record) were proposed for the top 20). 

 2012 classification of US universities (undergraduate) for International Students

1) Columbia(NY) *
2) Stanford  (CA)
3) NYU (MA)
4) Cornell (NY) *
5) University of Pennsylvania (PA)
6) MIT (MA)
7)  Princeton (NJ) *
8) Harvard (NY) *
9) Caltech (CA)
10) Penn State University (PA)
11) Yale (CA) *
12)  Duke (NC) 
13) Dartmouth (NH) *
14) University of Miami  (FL) 
15) Georgetown U.(DC)
16) University of Chicago (IL)
17) Wake Forest (NC)
18) Pepperdine University (CA)
19)  Boston University (MA)
20) Vanderbilt University (TN)

All Women institutions
1) Bryn Mawr (PA)
 2) Mont Holyoke  (MA)
3) Wesseley (PA)

Liberal Art College
1) Middlebury (VT)
2) Davidson (NC)
3) Rollins (FL)

Specialized Undergraduate Business Schools
1) Babson (MA)
 2) Johnson & Wales (RI)
3) Bentley (MA)

Best language School
1) Middlebury (VT)

Best Undergraduate Hospitality Management (undergraduate)
1) Cornell Hotel School (NY)
2) University of Nevada at Las Vegas ( NV)
3) Johnson and Wales *(RI)

Best Honor program (for public universities)
1) University of Delaware (DE)
2) University of Michigan-Arbor (MI)
3) University of Oklahoma (OK) 

Best Scientific Schools
1) MIT (MA)
2) CalTech (CA)

Best Aviation College
1) Embry Riddle (FL and TX)

Most beautiful Campus:
1) Pepperdine (CA)
2) Wake Forest * (NC)
2) University of Colorado at Boulder* (CO)


This is just a snapshot of the situation. In reality, every student is different.  AUAP selects, among  4 094 institutions of higher education, the four best matches possible, in accordance with the academic strength, budget, personal preferences and career goals of the student.

You should also know:
-The cost is between USD $16 000 to $55 000 per year (Lodging, Meals, Tuition included). Except for athletes, there very few financial aid at this level for financial aid. However AUAP had sizable successes in that matter.
-For transfer students, foreign university credits are recognized by US Universities. We provide course per course evaluation evaluations, part of our Selection+Guaranteed Admission Program ($2500)
-Transcripts and grades should be converted to American standards, by a recognized grade evaluator. German Abitur, Baccalauréat, Maturita, Matura etc. are not mandatory but   sometimes, gives advanced university credits (not for the Ivy league).
-Mandatory tests: SAT I & II, or ACT depending of the colleges + TOEFL for non native English speakers.
- Application files for the Ivy League and top schools should be completed by December (October for some Preferred Admissions) for an  August entry. Admissions are always selective and complicated. We need, to get the best result, over a year to prepare it.
-US undergraduate studies are very flexible. It is possible to choose, change or add a "major" during the first two years of studies. Law and medicine are taught at the Graduate level. Pre Law or Pre Med. Undergraduate studies  are tailored for such curriculum.

AUAP (American Universities Admission Program), is the most important scholar organization that helps international students since 1995. It offers to UK students 2 major programs:

-Selection Program (US $ 350) Selection of  4 Universities according to the profile. budget, personal preferences of the student.

-Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2500). It is a complete & comprehensive program, which on top of the above selection of four Universities according to the profile of the students ,  pays for the mandatory  tests, pays all for application fees,  evaluates the international grades at the US Standard, helps for the applications and correct essays and letters of recommendation, does the contacts,   sell the candidacy, prepares visits & interviews and all the necessary procedures to get the student admitted into, at least, one of the 4 Universities preselected. AUAP has a money back guarantee. Each students has its personal AUAP Counselor generally himself a Director of Admission.

Our success list is here 

You could contact us personally at:

American Universities Admission Program (AUAP)
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