From a practicing  lawyer:
"I just got fabulous news from a top university! I'm in!
 The services of AUAP were worth every penny!
I am very very delighted!"

Congratulations to:
Dr. Jean Bureau, an AUAP Student, for his Ph.D. in Mathematics obtained at LSU
From an European Student in 2011

 "I want to inform you that Cardozo  Law School Accepted me (They even offered me 10,000 Merit Scholarship) Fordham (NY) also accepted me in the Corporate Banking & Finance LL.M Program. Want to thabnk you for your help that AUAP provided"
Santosh  E      India
Master of Science (MS) Accepted at Syracuse University & New Jersey Institute of Technology
Elie B.           
LL.M Master of Law accepted at Fordham University ranked #6 , Georgetown University ranked #20 & NorthWestern University
Nkem K.        Nigeria
LL.M Master of Law accepted at Fordham University ranked #6 , University of Southern California

Sarah M.          USA
USA studying in Canada
Accepted toward a BA at Westminster College with a $8 000 Scholarship per year (total $32 000)! , Washington College & University of New England.
Arsala K.         India
LLM accepted at Fordham University (Ranked #6 for LLM )Boston University(Ranked #7), George Washington University (Ranked #9), Pennsylvania  State University (Ranked # 14) & University of Virginia !
Bruno D.        
BA accepted at Johnson & Wales University, University of Texas (San Antonio & Weber State University.
Franziska K.    Germany
B.A. Accepted American University with a $22 000 Scholarship ! (Washington D.C.)  & Northeastern University
Vincent G      
LL.M Accepted at Fordham University (ranked #6)
August 2007
Dieter D.         Belgium
LL.M Accepted at University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League) with a $15000 Tuition Waiver, Duke University (#8)  with a $10,000, wit Scholarship, University of Virginia with a $14,000 Scholarship. Waitisted at Cornell University  (Ivy League)
Pierre-Alexandre M.
Accepted Master of Science in Engineering at Cornell University (Ivy League NYU (New York University), George Washington University.
Daria    D.        Poland     
Poland & Russia
Accepted at George Washington University and PennState University. Undergraduate
Monzer S.        Lebanon
Undergraduate accepted at University of Michigan, University of Detroit.
Clément P.          
LL/M accepted at Boston University, University of San Diego with a $6,000 Scholarship, Cardozo School of Law  (Yeshiva University), waitlisted at UCLA
Gloria O.          Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
Accepted at University of San Francisco, De Paul University and Indiana University Bloomington   (LL.M.)
Nathalie W.     
Accepted a University of Pennsylvania and  Duke University (Master of Law) ranked # 4 &# 8
Marcello B.      Italy
Accepted at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) "Dream School" ranked # 16
Marie Constance T.

France - Greece
Accepted in LL.M at Fordham University  and Boston University with a $ 5000 Scholarship ranked #6 and #19
Axelle W.        

Accepted at the University of San Francisco, Cardozo School of Law  (Master of Law)
Axelle T.   (a friend of Axelle W...) 

Accepted at the University of San Francisco, Fordham University   (conditional to 100 at the TOEFL). Master of Law)
For August 2006
Gerald T.          Germany Germany
"Ivy League" #1 !!! Accepted at  University of  Pennsylvania, Columbia,  CornellNew York University and Georgetown ! LL.M Master of Law ranked # 1,2, 3, 4 & 20 with Full Scholarship + Living Expenses
Stephen O         Ireland
Accepted at # 1 "Ivy League" & #  3 LL.M at Columbia UniversityNew York University
Antoine M.      
"Ivy League" MBA ! Accepted at Dartmouth MBA (Tuck)
Rodrigo P.        Costa-Rica
Costa Rica
Accepted at Fordham U (NYC), Cardozo Yeshiva U (NYC), Temple U  &  waitlisted @ NYU  LLM ranked# 3, 6 & 10
Mathieu S.       
Accepted in a Master of Arts in Political Science at  Pepperdine University with $14 000 Scholarships and Iowa State U.
"My mother was crying of joy!"
Tidiane K.        Burkina
Burkina Fasso
Accepted Ph.D. in Economics  at  SUNY (State University New York)
Georgia Z.        Bulgaria
Accepted LL.M ranked #13  Temple University, American University,  Washington College of Law, Case Western U. with a $6000 Scholarship
Pierre B.          
"Ivy League #1" Accepted in LLM at Cornell, Penn State and Georgetown ranked # 1, 13, & 20
Tsimi E.            Cameroon
Accepted undergraduate at the University of South Florida
Corentine P.     
Accepted in Master of Arts in International Political Economy and Development at Fordham University (NYC)
Christian E.       Cameroon
Accepted undergraduate at University of Delaware with conditional ELP Courses
Jennifer L.        
LL.M Accepted at the Cardozo School of Law& New England School of Law
Alex G.             Accepted at Fordham University Graduate School of Law
August 2005 ! 

Bertrand H.    
Ivy League !!! Accepted at Cornell U.    (NY)  LL.M ranked #3 LLM in the US !  Totaly Delighted....
Leila P.             Lebanon
Ivy League !! Undergraduate accepted at University of Pennsylvania-Wharton #1 in Economy and NYU #3 Undergrad
Mathieu M.
Accepted in the # 1 MBA in Entrepreneurship: Babson !!!
Carlos G.          Mexico
Accepted at Georgetown University Top 20 LL.M , waitlisted at Penn State U, Cornell Duke.
Maria A            Romania
Ivy League Accepted at, Cornell U. (# 3), LSU  (# 15) Graduate with a full Scholarship and Tuition waiwer  ($16,000), and Penn State U. ( #14)
Johan J.            Belgium
(Belgium )
Accepted at  Case Western LL.M with $6,000 Merit Scholarship, accepted also at NorthWestern U. (a top Law School), University of South California (USC) , Washington University in St. Louis (#18), George Washington University School of Law & University of Minnesota.
Alexander G.    Romania
Accepted (MBA) at Thunderbird  (#1 MBA in International Business) with a$ 29300 Annual Scholarshi, at University of Illinois Champaign (top MBA & #4 in accounting) with $5000 Scholarship University of Florida & Pittsburg U. (Katz) with a $20 000 Scholarship waitlisted Notre Dame U & NYU.
An Other          Benin

Accepted at Syracuse University for a Master of Science with a 40% tuition Grant.
Anne Marie D. Romania
Accepted at Hult University (MBA) with  Scholarships (The University requested confidentiality on the amount)
Alfonso C        Spain
Accepted at Tulane University #  10 with a $ 5,000 Scholarsip Penn State University # 14 (with $5,000 schloarship) Louisiana State U.#15, (with $8,200 Scholarship)    LL.M-Master of Law
John A.            Canada
Accepted Undergraduate with a $ 10 000 Sport Scholarship at Knox college, admitted at Furman University
Mourad K.       Maroc
Accept in Master of Science at the  University of Wisconsin, New Jersey Institute of Technology, waitlisted Illinois Institute of Technology
Audrey  B.       .
Accepted LL.M Tulane University (She wanted to be with her friend Sophie) 
Sophie B.
Accepted LL.M Tulane University with Scholarship  (She wanted to be with her friend Audrey)
Jean D,            
Accepted at Louisiana State University #15 with a 50% Tuition WaiverTulane University #10  20 000 Scholarship and Fordham LL.M
Ylann A.
Accepted at the University of Massachussetts Amherst Undergraduate
Arnaud C.
Accepted at Penn State University (Top 20) with a $7500 Scholarship LL.M
Fabrice L.S      
Accepted at University of San Diego,  Golden Gate University & California Western U. with $2000 Rare scholarship  LL.M
Spring 2005     Germany
Clarissa E.    
Accepted Undergraduate at Miami University & Northeastern University
Jean-François B.
Accepted at Temple University Undergraduate.
Fall 2004
Alexander L.    Ukraine (Ukraine)
Accepted at Columbia University (Ivy League) Ranked #1  & New York University (NYU)  Ranked #6 LLM
Fall 2004
Christian W   .  Swirzerland (Switzerland)

Accepted at University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League) Ranked #3 & Wake Forest University, LLM, with  $18 000 Scholarships !!!, Ranked # 5, and University of  Virginia
Fall 2004
Another            Belgium (Belgium)
Accepted in LL.M. ranked in the top 15 ! Georgetown University & Duke University "the Harvard of the South.  
Fall 2004
Manuel A.       

Accepted at NYU (New York University) MBA (Stern School of Business) Ranked # 4 MBA !! and Georgetown University.
Fall 2004
Lamia M.         Lebanon
Accepted  University of Pennsylvania  (ranked #3), NYU-New York University) ranked # 6, American University (ranked #8) LLM
Fall 2004
Antoine B.      

Accepted at Cornell University   LL.M Master of Law  Ivy League, Ranked #3 in the world !!
Fall 2004         Vatican
Claudio D
Accepted at Cardozo Law School LLM Top Law School in New York City.
Graduated from a University of the Holy See.
Fall 2004 (late)
Yves N            Congo Kin
(Congo Kinsasha)
Accepted at University of Indiana and Boston U LLM while applying very late but.. AUAP was there.
Fall 2004
Mathieu C.      
Very rare $10 000 Scholarships for an LLM at Tulane U., Accepted at Pennsylvania State U. (top 15),  St. Louis University with $10 000 Scholarship ! &  New England School of Law (Boston)
Fall 2004
Eric G.             Poland
Accepted INSEAD (English cursus) best European MBA , Dartmouth (Tuck) MBA, & U. of Virginia (Darden School of Business)   
Fall 2004
Cindy B.         Italy
Accepted with $8 000 Schlarships at LSU (Louisiana State University), and Fordham University (#7) in NYC.
Fall 2004
Noaki O.         Japan
Accepted at Syracuse University, (her dream Engineering U.) with $ 6000 Dean's Scholarships , American University & University of Delaware
Fall 2004
Pauline D.      
Accepted at Fordham U. (ranked #7) and Boston University. LLM
Fall 2004
Catalin P.        Romania
Accepted at Thunderbird the #1 MBA in International Business (USNWR & AUAP), Purdue (Krannert)  and U. of Florida (Warrington)!!!
Fall 2004
Souraya E       Lebanon
Accepted at George Washington University, Boston University LLM.
Fall 2004
Francesco P.   Italy
Accepted at Boston University, LLM-Master of Law
Fall 2004
Brahim K.       Tunisia
Accepted at SUNY Albany (NY) Undergraduate
Fall 2004
Alireza M       Iran
Accepted at Johnson & Wales U. Undergraduate with $4,000/year  Scholarships and Michigan Technological University
Fall 2004
Rubin S.         
Accepted LL.M at American University (DC)  ranked in the top 8 LLM, Fordham University (#7), waitlisted at Cornell !!
Fall 2004
Bertille F.        Cameroon (Cameroon)
Admitted at University of Louisiana Monroe Undergraduate 
Fall 2004
Benjamin R.   
Accepted at Thunderbird MBA "The American Graduate School of Management #1 in MBA International Business !!!
Maxime L.-M. (France)
Admitted at University of South Carolina-Columbia (his dream school) undergraduate ranked #1 in International Business and Temple U. !
Raphael H.      Israel
Admitted at Penn State LL.M (top 15)
Irina. G            Romania
Admitted at: COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY LLM, Ivy league (Graduate Master of Law-LLM ) (#1)
Laurin M. (France) Son of a French Law Professor Admitted at: Wake Forest U. & Fordham U. 
Slavka P.        
Admitted at: SMU with a Scholarship of $13 338 and University of Miami  
Virginie B. (France-Sport) Admitted at: University of Iowa with full Sport Scholarship ! One year of negotiations with 20 Coaches. and University of Miami 
Ichiko. Y (Japan/Phil.) Admitted at: University of Washington medical (Medex pre-Med Degree, Undergraduate Program ranked #1 ), U. of Colorado Boulder 
Li M.                China
Admitted at: Graduate program in Telecommunications (TNM) at Syracuse U., New Jersey Institute of Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology, SUNY (New York Institute of Technology  
Martin S.         Germany
Admitted at: MIIS MBA (Monterrey) 2003 
Khabeer M.     India
Admitted at: Florida Institute of Technology, M.S. in computer science program 
Liu H. (China)  Admitted at: Graduate program in at University of Texas -Austin & Arizona State U. 
Fatoumata B.   Guinée (Guinée) Admitted at: University of Delaware, Philadephia U. with Scholarships (rare at this level)  
Annie T. (Cameroon) Admitted at: University of Maryland-Baltimore County with Scholarship (rare at this level)  
Jacquelin R. (France) Admitted at: LSU, as a Business undergraduate transfer student.
Raluca V.  (Romania)  Admitted at: LSU and Wake forest LL.M-Master of Law with half scholarship LL.M for  3 (both top 15 LLM) 
Shane C.          Jamaica
Admitted at: University of Louisiana Undergraduate 
Liu N  (China)  Admitted at: University of Florida wait listed Wake Forest MBA Aug. 2003 
Alina M. (Romania)  Admitted at: SUNY (Buffalo), Pittburg U. (Katz) & Northeastern U. MBA   
Corinna P. (Romania) Admitted at: Louisiana State U. , Northeastern U. 
Alina A. (Romania) Admitted MIIS MBA with a $ 6000 Scholarship  
Xue C (China) Admitted University of Missouri-Rolla and Florida State University$ ( M.S. Statistics) 
("trifecta" is a perfect bet with 3 horses, tiercé in French)
1) Wendy  Z. admitted at: Darla Moore (U of South Carolina) and University of Illinois-Chicagos MS- Economics

2) Haojian C. admitted at: Thunderbird and SUNY Buffalo (MBA)

3) Yujia Z. admitted at: Indiana Syracuse University (MS information Systems),
University Bloomington (SLIS graduate) 

Julien D. (France) Admitted at: Johnson & Wales Hotel School and University of Nevada Las Vegas (Ranked #2) Hospitality Management Transfer undergraduate student 
Yunzhia Z. (China)  Admitted at: SUNY,(Binghamton)
University of Connecticut . Ph.D. in Economics 
Vincent B. (France) Admitted at: Cornell Graduate School Computer Sc. J
INCREDIBLE ! The Swiss Couple G  Admitted together into the same top universities! Northwestern LLM and MBA Kellogg's NorthWestern U. /LLM, University of Pennsylvania, Wake Forest with half tuition for one and free apartment, St. Louis University 
Elena G. (Italy) Admitted at: Cornell Graduate School in NYC with tuition with  $ 25,324 /year stipend + Full tuition scholarship and an apartment in the Manhattan campus. TOTAL OVER $ 250 000 for 5 years !,  Stanford University with full fellowship, John Hopkins with free tuition and medical insurance + $21 000/year stipend + travel allowance for a scientific meeting. University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) graduate with fellowship of $18,500/year and the coverage of the tuition, fees and health insurance for 5 years + $1,000 moving expenses.
TOTAL OVER $ 170 000 !
Andra M . (Romania) Admitted with huge scholarships at Stanford,Yale, Berkeley, UCLA, Notre Dame. U.T. (Austin), and Duke University, graduate with $14,000/year fellowship from the department for 5 years and a $4,000/year university-wide fellowship (James B. Duke) for 4 years! 
Arnaud S. (France ) Admitted at Cornell U. MBA in Hospitality Management, #1 in the world !, UNLV (#2 in the US) Florida International U. , Johnson & Wales. 
Fleur A. M. P (USA) Admitted at Penn. State University (Ph.D.) with $ 12,500 /yearly Teaching Assistantship + Tuition waiver, LSU, University of Florida with Tuition Waiver and $ 12,700/year +Teaching Assistantship
Heng T. (China) Accepted in MBA at Carnegie Mellon (GSIA), University of Michigan & wait listed at Kenan-Flager
Peggy M. (France) Admitted at Cleveland State U. , in a rare MBA 2 years "bridge program" after only 3 years of Undergraduate studies.
A. Minh-H-P.  Viet Nam (Franco-Vietnamese) Accepted in LLM at Boston University, Fordham (NYC)
Jean B. (France) Admitted at Louisiana State U. , with full Scholarship in Mathematics (Master). Over $22,000/year ! 
Tania P. (USA/Swiss) Admitted at U. of Massachussets (Boston) as a "Mature Student".
Camille A.        
(Brazil )
Admitted at LSU in Architecture graduate program with full Scholarship! 
*Nicolas A. (France)
2nd 2004  and 2004 Team Champion
Admitted at Liberty University  with a $10 000 Sport & $ 4000 Merit Scholarships !  Full tuition waiver and meals offered by Oklahoma City University 
Andrea P. (Romania) Admitted at Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management MBA with $38,250 scholarship. Accepted at University of South Carolina, Darla Moore $19,000 tuition fee reduction and work
Laurent R. (France) Admitted at American University in a Ph.D. in Economics
Carmen B. (Romania) Admitted at University of Illinois MBA with $5, 000 scholarship despite a relatively low TOEFL! 
Marius M. (Romania ) Admitted at Thunderbird MBA (with $25,500 Financial Aid !), Illinois Institute of Technology (with 30% scholarship), Rochester Institute of Technology (with $5,400 Scholarship), American University 
A.N. Other (Switzerland) Admitted at Cornell, Duke U. & Boston University
Zhao Z. (China) Admitted at Thunderbird Graduate School of Management 
J.P. R                    
Admitted at Yale U. with Scholarship, U. N. Carolina/Chapel Hill (Kennan Flager MBA) 
Fleur P. (France) Admitted at Middlebury & University of Delaware with full Assistantship and Stipend = $ 23 360, Monterey Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation
Xio X. (China) Admitted at Rutgers University at both campus: Rutgers and Livingston
Lisha B.(India)  Admitted at American University & Pace U.
Olivier S. (Belgium) Admitted at University of Pennsylvania & Cornell 
Martin C. (China)  Admitted at MIIS with a $18 000/year Scholarship, U. of Notre Dame with full Scholarship
Alexander D. (Brazil)  Admitted at Vanderbilt MBA (Owen), American U. with a $14,688. yearly Scholarship!, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Edouard G. (France)  Admitted at American U., Wake Forest & U. of Denver LL.M/Masters of Law
Hanying S. (China)  Admitted at St. Cloud State U with $ 8500 year assistantship, Florida State University, Southern Illinois U., Marshall U., California State 
John O. (Nigeria)  Admitted at Rose-Hulmam I.T., U. of New Haven 
Cui J. (China)  Admitted at U. of Pittsburgh Architecture 
Celine C. (Switzerland)  Admitted at University of Pennsylvania, Wake Forest U. with 50% Scholarship,
Shi Z. (China)  Admitted at Penn State U., Bowleen Green St. U., U. of Wisconsin, U. of Massachusetts. 
Stuart L. (U.K.)  Admitted at U. of Hawaii, Hartford, U. of N. Colorado, Flagger College and S. Maine U. 
Xueqin L. (China)  Admitted at U. of North Texas Medical School. 
Hilario R. (Trinidad)  Admitted at Lynn University. 
Frederic B. (France)  Admitted at Washington U. In St. Louis. 

Rong Z. (China)  Admitted at Salem State. 
Leslie O. ()  Admitted at Pennsylvania St., Howard U., Temple U.
Razafimino N. (Madagascar)  Admitted at Louisiana College and University of New Orleans. 
Stephan B.(Germany) Admitted at Pratt Institute 
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